Wild backcountry fishing is one of the most beautiful and alluring experiences anglers enjoy. When you live in an area with backcountry fishing near me, you can enjoy the perks of beautiful landscapes, quiet waters, and unique, attractive fish. When you fish in the backcountry, you should be prepared with high boots and rain gear, as you may encounter any type of weather out near the water. There are a few tips to help you have more success when fishing in backcountry waters.

Move Around

One of the perks of backcountry fishing is that you have plenty of space and little competition with other anglers. Typically, backcountry lakes and bodies of water allow for easy movement around the perimeter of the area, which gives you an opportunity to move around and try different habitats. If the fish are not biting in a particular area, try another one. Backcountry lakes often have many rocks, shelves, and shrubs for fish to hide in, so you should try to look from above before casting your line.

Look for Moving Water

You should focus your attention on the inlet and outlet of the lakes, as this is where the water is flowing into and out of the lake. When you cast your fly in moving water, you have a better chance of catching a fish. Fish tend to hang out in the flowing water where it is easiest to catch insects on their way past. The mouths of the stream are also incredibly narrow, which mean that there is less room for the many fish to squeeze into.

Take a Belly Boat

Although you may have to hike a few miles to access the beautiful, remote location of the backcountry, you may want to consider bringing a belly boat. While you can access most of the lake on foot, you may want to get up close and personal by boat. Belly boats are designed to be packable and lightweight, which make them easier to haul down a trail or through the woods. When on your boat, you can access deeper parts of the lake, exposing you to more types of fish.

Pack the Right Bait

Understand what the fish in the backcountry waters like to eat, and then bring those items as bait. You should pack many types of insects, like larvae, beetles, and ants, as many trout in these areas will enjoy these meals. Midges are also popular baits to attract these types of fish, as they are often the highest percentage of a backcountry fish’s diet.

By trying these new techniques, you can catch more fish during your backcountry fishing trip. If you are looking for backcountry fishing near me, you should work with The Hooker Booker to schedule the trip of your life.

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