How do I pay for my fishing trip?
At the time of booking, a 10% deposit will be taken via Visa, Mastercard, Discover, AMEX, or PayPal. Your payment will be processed through U.S. banks and is protected through our secure payment processor. The captain you are booking with will contact you with the remaining amount due before your trip sets sail.
What should I bring on my fishing trip?
Every fishing adventure is different. We highly recommend asking your captain about their boat rules and what is provided. We strongly suggest bringing sunscreen and sunglasses.
Do I need a fishing license?
Every state and different fishing types have different license requirements. It is your responsibility to ask your captain what is necessary for your specific trip. (Most licenses, if required, are between $10 and $45.)
Do I tip my fishing guide?
If you are satisfied with your fishing adventure, it is customary to tip your fishing First Mate 15-20%. Tipping the captain is always appreciated, especially if they helped you put a fish on! At Hooker Booker, we don’t give the option to add a tip while booking, just the same as you wouldn’t tip a server when calling to make a reservation. We want to make sure you have the best trip and that the trip is worth the tip!