Reserving a fishing tour is often the most promising way for a traveling fisherman to find a place for a hot bite. But selecting the best one is crucial.

It’s what anglers’ dreams are made of: Their holiday has been excellent — and it’s going to get even better, thanks to a fishing tour, which they hope helps them check some exotic species off their bucket list. But this fantasy can quickly become a nightmare if you pick the wrong tour. They could regret the whole fiasco if they end up on the wrong boat for them and their needs. Here are some ordinary circumstances and tips that help you enjoy a day of incredible angling rather than a fishing disaster.

Communication Breakdowns

What kind of fishing do you desire? You must inform the charter boat captain ahead of time to avoid getting stuck with a kind you don’t appreciate. For instance, it’s typical for specific boats in specific places to do little but troll with a heavy tackle during particular seasons. If you are a die-hard light-tackle fisher who gets bored with trolling, you’re likely not to do much more than yawn the day away. The same goes for whether you prefer to keep and butcher the catch or snap a quick photo and then release the catch. The fish get gaffed on some boats before you can even object, and catch-and-release is deemed a must on others.


Some amateur anglers, or individuals used to fishing only in very distinct kinds of waterways, may find that unmanageable variables, like seasickness or physical needs, can create a day full of misery. And on many fishing tours, particularly those with make-up parties (couples or groups arranged on one tour to split the cost), the prospect of turning around and going home early is off the table.

Slack Lines

You book fishing tours in Florida to catch fish, so if your lines remain limp all day and you never sense so much as a jerk, it’ll be more than a little disappointing. And while it’s accurate that a captain and crew can’t regulate the fish, even the best get skunked sometimes, and some are better at snagging fish than others.

Shopping For A Deal

Selecting a fishing tour by cost is a massive mistake and can place you on a sub-par vessel with sub-par equipment and a sub-par captain. But, of course, fishing tours can be costly. But in any particular area, you’ll discover that most crafts charge within a prevailing scope of rates. Some ships demand more, some less. So yes, there’s an explanation for why those inexpensive crafts go for so little — if they were able to justify assessing the prevailing rates, they undoubtedly would.

The Bottom Line

Use this advice, do your homework, and you’ll significantly improve your chances of discovering the best fishing tours in Florida for you and enjoy a fantastic day of fishing. And don’t forget to look to us for guidance!