With spring just around the corner, now is the ideal time to go through your fishing gear and ensure everything is prepared and ready to go for this year’s spring fishing season.

You can do several things to keep yourself entertained during the offseason and confirm all of your gear is in acceptable working condition for your first time back on the water. Whether it be scrubbing, conditioning your reels and rods, classifying tackle, guaranteeing you have the necessary supplies or anything in between, many preparations need to be made to guarantee successful fishing this spring.

Prepare your reels, rods, and more.

One of the most crucial things you can do to ready for the spring fishing season is to prep your reels and rods. This includes washing, oiling, and fixing these items as required. Rod handles that are dirty from use can be cleaned with mild soap and warm water. Aside from reels and rods, preparing and cleaning all your fishing devices, like pliers, scissors, waders, rain gear, and other equipment you might have, is recommended.

Empty old line

Although this isn’t anybody’s favorite job, removing old lines and filling spools with new lines is very important. Having a fresh line on your rod is essential for a successful spring season, but many people put this off until the last minute when they are already on the water. So when you have a few free moments this winter, it is recommended to take off the old line that has been sitting in your garage or basement, growing brittle and kinking, and re-spool it with a new line. Then, you’ll be happy you took a few moments to complete this job when you reel in your first catch of the year without your line breaking.

Organize, evaluate, and restock your tackle box

Another task to prepare you for spring fishing is organizing your tackle box. This comprises sorting through the box, repairing broken gear, evaluating your needs, and heading to the local shop to get the new fishing tackle you need. Keeping an organized tackle box will guarantee that lures, reels, and other supplies are kept in optimal condition and that you restock all the gear you might have used up last year restocked.

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