If you’re like most fishing fanatics, when the weather breaks and spring arrives, you can’t wait to get on the water and begin angling again. But fishing during the spring is a lot different compared to angling in the summer or fall months. It requires the correct tackle — which should incorporate a fish attractant to increase your chances — the proper mindset and suitable waters. In this blog, we’ll dive a little deeper into some early-season fishing advice you’ll want to follow so that you’re reeling in keepers when it’s time to drop your line in the water once again. So, here’s a look from our experts on fishing charters in Florida:

Look for Warm Water

With the weather a bit iffy still, you’ll need to plan any fishing for the warmest days. This is mainly because early-season fish favor warmer water. This might mean looking for shallow regions of the lake that can warm up faster in the sun.

Don’t Begin Too Early in the Day

To piggyback off the previous tip, you don’t want to begin fishing too early. As we stated, it’s best to fish in warmer water, and the later in the day you begin, the warmer the water is likely to get. Therefore, afternoons are often best for fishing in the early season as this time of day permits the water to warm from the sunshine.

Don’t Get too Arrogant

The weather is not the only thing that transforms when spring arrives — waters also vary. That’s why we recommend fishing where there’s a current transformation or where there’s adequate water clarity in the early portions of the season. Also, make sure you change up your routine from where you’d typically fish during summer and fall.

Use Small Tackle

Fish are usually less aggressive in the early spring, so don’t break out your oversized lures or reel a fish in too quickly. Instead, consider downsizing your bait and utilize live bait to catch the fish’s attention.

Consider Using a Fish Attractant

A fish attractant is usually safe and effective for spring fishing. All you need to do is throw them into the water where you’re angling, and the ingredients packed inside should immediately capture the attention of any fish in the region, pulling them closer to your bait. There are also fish attractant inserts on the market that you can integrate directly with your bait.

Don’t Set Your Hook Too Fast

As we stated earlier, fish are still relatively slow in the early months of the spring fishing season, so you don’t need to set your hook too quickly when you sense a bite. Instead, we suggest pausing an extra second or two compared to how you usually fish.

Be Patient

Keep going even if you’re not getting any action out on the water. As we mentioned, fish move somewhat slowly in the spring, and your outcomes might not be as productive as at other times of the year.

Follow these tips for early season fishing, and check out our page to plan your fishing charters in Florida!