Discover Florida Wildlife Up Close

One of the best things about airboat tours is that you can get really close to some of Florida’s fascinating wildlife. On one of our tours, you could spot everything from alligators, turtles and birds to raptors like bald eagles and ospreys. Our experienced guides know all the best spots where wildlife thrives, so if seeing animals up close is a priority for you then these tours are definitely worth considering.

Explore Beautiful Floridian Landscapes

On top of giving you the chance to observe wildlife up close, airboat tours also provide a unique opportunity to take in some spectacular views of Floridian landscapes. From towering cypress trees dripping with Spanish moss to sprawling wetlands that stretch for miles, there’s plenty to see when out on tour with us! Our knowledgeable guides will make sure that your experience is as enjoyable as possible by pointing out interesting sights along the way.

Learn About Local Culture and History

Our experienced tour guides don’t just provide an exciting adventure; they also make sure that guests learn something too! Our skilled staff are experts on local culture and history, so they’ll be more than happy to answer any questions that you have throughout your trip. What better way is there to learn about this amazing region than by taking a guided exploration with Switchgrass Outfitters?


If you’re looking for a remarkable experience that can’t be found anywhere else in Florida, then look no further than a Switchgrass Outfitters Airboat Tour! Take advantage of this unique opportunity and discover beautiful scenery, get up close and personal with local wildlife, and learn about history and culture in one unforgettable excursion. Book now and enjoy an adventure like no other! Contact us today at