Fishing is a great way to spend time outdoors and can be a very rewarding experience. There are different types of fishing trips, depending on the type of fish you’re looking to catch and what your goals are. Some people like to keep their catches while others prefer to release them back into the water. If you plan to release a fish, it’s important that you handle it properly so that it has the best chance of survival when you put it back in its natural habitat. Here’s how to hold a fish that you plan to release safely and humanely.

Check Your Gear

Before you start handling any fish, make sure you have all the right equipment ready. This includes gloves (or nets if necessary), pliers, and/or hemostats for removing hooks or lures from the fish’s mouth. Having these tools on hand will help reduce stress for both you and the fish during the process. Make sure your hands are clean before touching any of the equipment as well—this will help minimize contamination from human oils or bacteria that could potentially harm the fish once released.


Handle Carefully

When handling a fish, always support its body weight by cradling its belly with your hand or using both hands when necessary. Never place too much pressure on any one area of its body—this could cause injury or even death as some species of fish are very sensitive to touch. Also, try not to lift the fish higher than necessary when taking it out of the water; this will reduce stress on its internal organs and decrease chances of injury or death upon release.


Know When To Stop

If at any point during handling, you feel like the process is becoming too stressful for either yourself or the fish (e.g., if it starts flipping or thrashing around excessively), then it’s best to stop immediately and return it back into its natural environment as soon as possible in order to maximize its chance of survival post-release.



Handling a fish with care is essential if you plan on releasing it back into its natural environment after catching it—it’s not only important for ensuring that your catch survives but also helps promote sustainability in our waterways and oceans! With Hooker Booker, booking a safe fishing trip has never been easier! Our experienced guides can teach you everything there is know about handling different types of fishes with care so that they have an increased chance at survival post-release! Book your fishing trip today!