Partner FAQs

How do I get Paid?
Customers reserve their trip online with a set percentage (10%) of the total cost to book their trip with you. It is your responsibility to then collect the remaining balance from the customer. Be sure to indicate to them how you would like to be paid.
How do I avoid double bookings?
You can avoid double bookings by keeping your availability and calendar accurate. If you ever find yourself being double booked, you must work with the conflicting customers to resolve the bookings.
How do I know I have a booking?
Each time a customer requests a trip with you through Hooker Booker, you will receive an email. The email will contain information regarding the booking.
How do I contact the customer?
Within the email notifications that are sent to you when customers book your trip, there will be contact information that the customer provided. Use this information to get in touch with your customer.
How does Hooker Booker make money?
Hooker Booker retains a commission from every booked trip that successfully takes place.
What happens with bookings in case of bad weather?
If you need to change the date of the trip, you can reach out to the customer to discuss the details.

If the customer does not accept the changed date, we will refund the customer and cancel the booking.
What does it cost to list by boat with Hooker Booker?
Absolutely nothing. Listing your charter with us is FREE and EASY!
How does Hooker Booker work?
Making money is as easy at 1, 2, 3.
1. Create a profile
2. Add your listings
3. Add trips and pricing
Our support team reviews every listing. Once your listing is approved, we will be able to start promoting you and your boat!
What is the commission rate?
We take a percentage of the total cost of your booking when the customer books. There are no sign-up fees, no membership fees, and no hidden fees.