Fishing in the wintertime is underrated. Most anglers probably prefer fishing in spring or fall, when the fish are busy either because it’s breeding season or they’re readying for winter. Despite the preference for fishing in other seasons, there are benefits to fishing in the winter. Fish in winter are the fattest because they’ve reserved loads of food and energy to survive during winter. But with all the advantages of winter fishing, some safeguards still need to be taken. Our experts on freshwater fishing in Florida offer the following tips for heading out on a winter fishing trip.

Go Out on Sunny Days

Usually, the best weather for catching fish is on a cloudy day. When the sun shines, fish move to deep water or locate shade to flee the heat. Fish are also less active in hunting prey on sunny days. The drawbacks to fishing in the sun might as well be void because fish are less active in the winter. When fishing in very cold temperatures, it’s smart to hang on to as much heat as you can. Wearing dark colors can help you soak up more heat from the sun.

Utilize Hand Warmers

Putting hand warmers between your hands and gloves isn’t the only place to keep them. You can use hand warmers on your feet, neck, and many other body parts. It’s good to stock up on them because maintaining a decent supply for emergencies prepares you for the worst. Though having plenty available is good, it’s best to be cautious in their usage. Using them excessively is not ideal.

Stay Dry

It goes without mentioning, but cold water is extremely dangerous. The most sensitive area to be aware of is your fishing rod. It is best to keep the handle as dry as possible. Shoes also need to be kept dry, as they don’t dry quickly when wet. In general, it’s smart to be mindful of the water. Keep a towel on hand to pat yourself dry when needed.

Invest in Waterproofing

It’s good to purchase waterproof gear that reduces the chance of cold water reaching your body. Though more expensive than patting dry, Gore-Tex is likely the most favored outdoor, impervious clothing people can purchase. When attempting to save money, there are plenty of waterproofing sprays available online or from outdoor recreational specialty stores. Though less adequate than clothes explicitly made to be waterproof, they are still quite effective.

Winter Is No Joke

Like fishing in any season, safety is the main priority. The cold is the most significant obstacle to fishing in the winter months, but a prepared fisherman pushes through it easily. Of course, other than staying warm, things like advising other people of your location, keeping a phone on hand, and other things can help discourage unwanted scenarios. In the end, an excellent angler isn’t the one who gets the biggest fish but the most prepared one. Visit our homepage today to plan your freshwater fishing in Florida and enjoy warmer temperatures today.