Anglers who fish during the winter months relish many excellent prospects. Tailwaters that are generally crowded during the summer months can supply solitude and invariably good fishing throughout the winter. Great things come to people who are inclined to brave the elements.

Fishing during the winter months is about remaining comfortable and having fun, even on the most frigid days. Sure, you could remain inside and tie flies. Better yet, you can come on down to Florida for some tarpon fishing. But there’s no need to wait. So, get outside and enjoy some fishing this week!

Here are a few straightforward tips from our experts on fishing charters in Florida to get out and enjoy the water this winter:

Start with plenty of layers

It might appear evident that a cold day on the water demands dressing appropriately. But take a few minutes to think about how you’re layering.

Begin by ditching cotton. From your shirt to your socks, sport base layers made from merino wool or synthetic materials designed for outdoor use. Pricey Gore-Tex waders don’t do any good if you wear cotton underneath. Cotton traps wetness, and it does not dry. Wearing cotton will make it feel like you have a leak in your waders.

Over your base layer, try to wear insulating layers that utilize down or synthetics. These materials hold a great deal of heat with little added weight. Synthetics are great for fly fishing because they keep their insulative qualities, even when wet. However, many factories now also make down products treated for water repellency.

Finally, evaluate your outerwear. A breathable, waterproof coat and waders are indispensable. Breathable membranes like Gore-Tex keep moisture out, block wind, and allow your body’s moisture to evaporate and escape.

Cold winter winds can generate rapid convective heat loss. And in a non-breathable rain cover, you will quickly freeze via evaporative heat loss. On the other hand, a shell that obstructs wind and permits vapor to escape keeps you warm and dry from the inside out.

Don’t underestimate the value of accessories

Appropriate layering may seem obvious when going outdoors in cold conditions. But be cautious not to ignore the little things. Protecting your head, neck, and hands is just as critical if you want to stay cozy out on the water.

Consider bringing two pairs of gloves. Nothing will save the day if one gets soaked, like reaching into your pocket and grabbing a warm, dry set. To protect your hands, release trout straight from your net. If you keep your pliers in an easy-to-reach location, you can pop hook and allow the fish to swim from your net without immersing your hands.

Also, you might want to bring two hats. Carry a lightweight hat in addition to your very warm one. Perspiration is an adversary anytime you’re outdoors in freezing conditions. If you get too warm, switch to the lighter hat before your head gets sweaty.
Always wear a Buff or neck gaiter. It’s incredible how much heat you’ll hold with something warm around your neck.

Pack a thermos

If you’re appropriately dressed and have your fly rods and reels ready, you’ll need only one more thing. A thermos full of something hot and tasty! It may be hot chocolate or coffee. Maybe even soup or chili. Whatever it is, bring along something that puts a smile on your face. There’s nothing like sitting next to the river in peaceful silence, with your fly rod next to you, appreciating a hot beverage and watching the river pass by.

Follow these tips to appreciate your winter fishing trip. Then, visit our homepage to plan your fishing charters in Florida for some warmer weather fishing fun.